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 is proud of its long-standing history, although our focus is clearly set on the future. We believe in a sustainable future based on principles of excellence and innovation, in order to achieve progress and development of society through four key business areas:


Our team is made up of more than 6500 people of 80 different nationalities, present in over 45 countries, all with a common goal: our contribution to our clients' value chain, wherever they may be in the world, will lead to sustainable progress and development for society as a whole.

For this reason, at MAXAM we propose a future project based on four key aspects which define our market positioning:

International presence

Do not look for your place in the world. The world is your place. At MAXAM we offer our professionals the chance to work globally, forming part of the industry's unprecedented internationalization process.


Always a step further. For over 140 years we have worked with enthusiasm and endeavor to safely and efficiently create added value for our clients and stakeholders.

Training and development

Talent in constant movement. Firmly committed to the idea that your growth and ours go hand-in-hand, through MAXAM University we provide support to ensure you become an active member of this company and help it continue to lead the way in its different sectors.


Driving progress in the Company. We welcome new ideas and incorporate R&D criteria in all business areas throughout the organization, in order to continue to design products, services and processes which set us apart.


MAXAM Runners participating in this year's Madrid Rock'N'Roll Marathon to support the Abracadabra Foundation.

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