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Chem. Maintains the highest technological knowledge regarding raw materials key in the production of nitro chemicals: ammonium nitrate, nitrocellulose and nitric acid.


MAXAM Chem represents the commitment to excellence as expert on its own raw materials and capacity of the chemical activity (ammonium Nitrate, nitrocellulose, and cetane number improver for the use of automotive diesel fuel), contributing with an added value for MAXAM and for the clients of this Business Unit, with a market vocation.

The key to success, the quality of products, and service provided by MAXAM Chem are:

  • High qualified professionals, experts on the products and dedicated to R&D.
  • Production capacities and sites, geographically strategic locations, being the key for distribution.
  • State-of-the-art technological equipment.
  • Excellence in all processes and quality levels, promoted by self-consumption of products in MAXAM group.

Key raw materials
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