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Energetic nitrocellulose

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The Nitrocellulose is a raw material with a critical role in those products which is part, both for the processability and energy benefits.  

MAXAM Chem manufactures all kinds of energetic nitrocellulose:
  • Gunpowder without smoke, single, double or triple base.
  • Fuel loads.
  • Dynamites. 
Experience and know-how of MAXAM Chem professionals is the key to the different formulations that are produced, according to our customers’ specific needs. Thus, all kind of nitrocellulose manufactured by MAXAM Chem are part of ammunition for hunting cartridges, explosive for mining, quarrying , civil works, and propellants for rockets or army ammunition.  
The role of MAXAM Chem, as a supplier of nitrocellulose in the different business units of MAXAM (Civil Explosives, Outdoors, Defence), as consumers of this raw material is the best guarantee of the quality level of our manufacturing process, as well as  the excellent outcome, contributing with the excellence of product performance.  The excellence in service and professional dedication is completed by the state-of- the-art of production technological processes and facilities MAXAM Chem in Bergerac (France). 
Its location, close to the logistical hub of Bordeaux and the Cantabrian port of Le Verdon, places MAXAM Chem in a strategic position, both in the stable supply of the production chain, and in the provision of nitrocellulose as a final product to any international destination.


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