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MAXAM acquired last August 2013 a Nitric Acid (HNO3) plant, located in Tarragona, being part of the MAXAM Chem Business Unit.

Nitiricomax, the name of the subsidiary, was the first worldwide chemical plant to obtain nitric acid by the SABAR production method. Nitricomax has a production capacity of 40,000 tonnes of 100% base nitric acid. We can offer, starting with strong acid, a wide range of dilutions, always adapting to meet the specific needs of our clients.

The key to our work is the outstanding commitment to R&D and our quality high standards, seeking to develop our production processes and ensuring the highest quality products.

The scope of Concentrated Nitric Acid applications is wide and varied in different sectors, mainly explosives manufacturing, obtaining the basic components with several nitration processes, as well as for the manufacturing polyurethane products as the foam filled, bumpers, computer keyboard, etc.

The scope of Dilute Nitric Acid applications is the fertilizers production, preservation of drip irrigation systems, and the use on the food industry as powerful disinfectant on the changes of production processes, avoiding blend of flavors and guaranteeing hygiene on the food processing industry.

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MAXAM buys a nitric acid plant in Tarragona (Spain)
MAXAM buys a nitric acid plant in Tarragona (Spain) The Company consolidates the vertical integration of its production chain, which already includes nitrocellulose production facilities in France and ammonium nitrate plants in both France and Uzbekistan.


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