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Cetane number improver

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Chemicals have been part of our quest to keep our environment clean, from the humble soap, discovered ages ago as an extraordinary cleanser, to modern catalysts used to clean fumes.
With the invention of the automobile, we gave ourselves the means to go quickly anywhere at any time. With those machines came the need to use fuels like gasoline and diesel. And with those fuels came fumes, smoke and pollution. Technology has enabled us to mitigate these side effects.

The need to improve engine performance, as well as control and reduce pollution has always been recognized. Among earlier efforts to address this problem was the invention of the diesel engine. Today, diesel engines have become the benchmark for efficient engine performance and pollution control. As air quality improvement has become a priority, the use of high performance diesel engines, and the high quality diesel fuels required to run them efficiently, has become widespread.

CETPRO’s Micet™ cetane number improver helps refineries and diesel distributors meet the ever demanding requirements for diesel fuel quality. Cetane number improvers help the diesel ignite faster at lower temperatures. This fast ignition is crucial to reduce NOx (nitrogen oxides) in the diesel fumes, improving air quality. It also helps engine starts and improves engine performance.


Last update 2019.08.08
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