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Defence - Areas of Activity - Land

EXPAL provides a wide variety of complete products and services aimed at at improving troop safety and providing the necessary materials required for military missions, as well as supporting and improving their operative capacities.
These products and services include ammunition, energetics products, weapon systems, electronic equipment and software for embarked systems. EXPAL also provides maintenance services and Integrated Logistic Support for platforms and systems as well as demilitarization and EOD services.
  • Artillery ammunition.
  • C-5 anti-tank training mine.
  • Demolition stores.
  • EOD Equipment.
  • EOD Services and soil remediation.
  • Insensitive Munitions (IM) Warhead fill.
  • Integrated mortar system.
  • Light weapon ammunition.
  • Medium caliber cannon ammunition.
  • Mortar ammunition.
  • Mortar systems.
  • Propellants.
  • Propelling charges.
  • Pyrotechnics.
  • SAZEC surface control system.
  • TECHFIRE information system for fire support.
  • Vehicle maintenance and integrated logistic support services.


Last update 2019.08.08
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