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Defence - Areas of Activity - R&D+i

Research, development and innovation are the engine of EXPAL’s progress.
The R&D+i programs developed by EXPAL are focused on the following lines of action: 
  • Support of the operative capacities of our troops.
  • Improvement of protection for our military platforms and its crews.
  • Weapon Systems of quick deployment and high mobility.
  • Increase in the scope, effectiveness and precision of the ammunition while reducing collateral damage.
  • Development of intelligent ammunition by the incorporation of electronics.
  • Reduction of the vulnerability of ammunition in storage against external assaults.
  • Designs and innovations that ensure the safe use of ammunition in all environmental conditions.
  • Rocket engines for spatial applications.
  • Development of non-lethal armaments.
The R&D+i department is also responsible for the design and development of new products as well as for the improvement and adaptation of the existing ones to the specific requirements of the customer.
From the beginning, EXPAL has successfully collaborated in a great number of development programs with the Spanish Ministry of Defence and its Armed Forces as well as with leading technological companies within the Sector with successful achievements.
EXPAL also collaborates on international R&D programs with official organizations and first level companies in response to the technological developments needed by the military, mainly European, through cooperative programs.


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