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Researchers at the UPCT collaborate with EXPAL in developing advanced technologies for the manufacture of new propellants
EXPAL presents the new technologies and products developed in the Smart Propellants project
EXPAL has proposed a technical improvement to the Belgian Army in order to adapt the commando mortar handle to the specific needs of use in Belgium
As the Belgian armed forces’ spokesman confirmed, on February the 9th, the handle of a 60 mm mortar broke during a firing exercise.
SECUSIM, a training system for the use and application of indirect fire support systems
An electronic solution for training and learning in virtual environments. This development has the support of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.
EXPAL is developing a project for the recovery of explosives from demilitarization through new technologies
With CDTI’s support, this project has been co-financed by the EEAGrants program.
The GEOS test EXPAL’s latest demolition loads and initiation systems
The GEOS carried out several tests in which they used EXPAL’s new DC2 and S-402 initiation systems that include the latest safety technology
The Museum of Mining and Industry of Asturias (MUMI) expands the section "The House of the Explosive"
This area was opened in 2003 and it´s formed by various contributions made by MAXAM´s subsidiaries around the world. MAXAM is the Spanish civil explosives production company founded by Alfred Nobel in 1872.and industrial group that owns EXPAL.
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