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EXPAL participa en DSA 2014
EXPAL cuenta con una oficina comercial permanente en Kuala Lumpur que coordina todas sus actividades en el área.
EXPAL takes place in the International Air and Space Showroom

It will show its latest proposals in ammunition, systems and technological applications

EXPAL participates in UNVEX 2014
EXPAL will exhibit Its micro UAV, SHEPHERD, which features a system with multiple applications within the Defence and Security fields.
EXPAL will supply naval ammunition to the Italian Navy
The contract covers the delivery of 76mm / 62 caliber TP ammunition for OTO MELARA cannon.
Diehl and EXPAL sign a new cooperation framework agreement
Offering solutions in the field of vehicle maintenance for international markets 
EXPAL develops a new, safer initiation system
The new S-402, as this initiation system is called, incorporates an innovative technology that increases significantly security during its use.
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