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EXPAL Systems and BAE Systems sign a contract to integrate Air Launched Weapons on to Eurofighter Typhoon
The agreement involves EXPAL engineering support for the integration of air-launched munitions on to Typhoon aircraft.
EXPAL successfully finishes the phase of destruction of the 3.400.000 scatterable anti-personnel mines of the Belarus stockpile

The Republic of Belarus fulfills its commitment with the 1999 Ottawa Treaty regarding the prohibition of the use, stockpiling, production and transfer of anti-personnel mines and their destruction.

EXPAL develops PG-3, a cutting edge plastic explosive
A new generation of plastic explosive
EXPAL Systems and Proytecsa Security sign an ammunition demilitarization and Improvised Explosive Disposal (EOD - IEDD) collaboration agreement
Both companies will combine capabilities to offer a complete high-tech range of solutions for the defence industry.
EXPAL works in the last phase of the project to destroy 3.400.000 anti-personnel mines, PFM-1 type, in Belarus
The demilitarization plant proves its effectiveness carrying out the works following the most demanding safety and environmental European standards
EXPAL has successfully demonstrated its ʻOne-Stop Shopʼ for Mortar Systems
A global offer of solutions in indirect fire support systems that were presented on the field during an international demonstration to European armies,
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