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New ammunition prefragmented 76/62
New ammunition prefragmented 76/62 New ammunition prefragmented 76/62


Defence - Press room - News - New ammunition prefragmented 76/62

EXPAL has finished with satisfactory result the development of a HE PFF VT-RF round (preformed fragments) for employment in naval assembly of 76/62 Oto Melara, in service in the Spanish Navy.

The last 16 June the frigate " Santa Maria " of the Spanish Navy did a firing exercise that demonstrated the advantages of this ammunition against air targets and against missiles. The previous tests developed, together with the overcoming of these tests, have allowed the necessary operative evaluation for the certification of this ammunition.

This development, executed inside the frame of an I+D contract between the Division of Technology and Centers of the DGAM and EXPAL, has been realized under the direction of the Technical Branch of Weapon and Ammunitions of the Headquarters of the Logistic Support of the Navy.

This new round allows to increase notably the presentations of the system of weapon in the counter missile defence of the warships in the range of the average scope (from 2 to 6 km from distance to the ship), since it provides a cloud of fragments of the incoming missile through 2.5 times of the natural fragmentation provided by the HE VT rounds in service, and has a piercing capacity of up to 15 mm of alclad.

The Spanish Navy has this way to his disposition a new ammunition that will allow him to increase notably his capacity of anti-aircraft and counter missile reaction.


Last update 2019.08.08
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