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"MAXAM has proved to be a safe, reliable and cost-effective supplier"
Jessica Dvorak, Mine Operations Manager at Oyu Tolgoi, speaks about the importance of one of the biggest gold-copper projects in the world, the challenges it entails and the role blasting solutions play in it.
‘‘Rio Ammunition represents top quality cartridges at a competitive price.’’
Íñigo Rodríguez has been Rio Ammunition’s general director since 2004 and has carried out the U.S expansion process since. Now Íñigo talks to us about Rio’s consolidation process in this market and the recent inauguration of the new production plant in Marshall, Texas.
“Mining and the environment can coexist perfectly in a modern society”
Alonso Luján, Director of Minas de Aguas Teñidas, explained to us last April the trajectory that this mine has had up until today and the pillars on which he bases his management to make MATSA a project that is sustainable in time.
“Lauca will be one of the biggest hydroelectric power plants in Africa”
José Augusto de Ávila, Oderbrecht’s engineer for the construction of the future dam and hydroelectric power plant of Lauca speaks to SHAPING about the challenges of the project, as well as what Lauca entails for Angola’s progress and development.
"The Chuquicamata underground mine will achieve a production of 140,000 tons per day"
Patricio Adriasola Caulier, Underground Mining Development Manager for Codelco’s Chuquicamata mine, updates us on the current status of the project, as well as its future prospects.

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