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MAXAM refuerza su compromiso con el mercado australiano con la apertura de dos centros de producción
Estratégicamente situados a 120 kilómetros al sur de Perth, en la reserva McLarty, ambas instalaciones fueron reubicadas procedentes de la reserva de Baldivis y tienen como objetivo apoyar el creciente sector minero australiano
MAXAM emprende trabajos de repoblación forestal en los terrenos de su planta de Páramo de Masa
MAXAM ha realizado una repoblación forestal de 86,4 hectáreas en su planta de Páramo de Masa (Quintanilla de Sobresierra), en la provincia de Burgos.
20 Accident-free years at NITRICOMAX
MAXAM  recognizes Tarragona personnel for their constant commitment to a culture of occupational safety in the Company.
MAXAM presents the X-BLASTERGUIDE, its new mobile application to help improve producitivity and safety in blasting operations
This pocket guide allow users to make blasting calculations, access product information and view safety perimeters on satellite images of the land, among other features.
MAXAM reinforces its commitment to the Australian market with the opening of two manufacturing sites
Strategically located 120km south of Perth, both sites have been relocated from the former Baldivis reserve and solidifies MAXAM’s commitment to produce high quality blasting solutions for its key customers across Australia and the South Pacific region.
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