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"Sustainable development of the extractive industry is crucial for both the evolution of the sector and the welfare of society"
The event was attended by more than 100 representatives from national and European businesses, associations and public administrations
MAXAM strenghthens its Russian relationships
MAXAM’s Chairman & CEO has been having several meetings with various Russian and Spanish authorities as well as with current and potential clients in Russia
MAXAM presents RIOBLAST, its design and blasting prediction software
MAXAM is the leader in blasting products and services and technical solutions in the Spanish market
MAXAM opens accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Youtube
The MAXAM Group broadens its digital presence to promote its activities and its value to society
MAXAM inaugurates a new cartridge manufacturing plant in the U.S., this industry’s biggest market in the world
MAXAM operates in this sector in the U.S since 2001, as with Civil Explosives (blasting products and services for the mining, quarry and construction industries)
Texan and U.S. authorities give their greatest support to the new MAXAM Outdoors facility
Two letters from the Governor of Texas, Gregg Abbott and the Senator of Texas, John Cornyn, were read during the inauguration ceremony.
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