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MAXAM updates its Corporate Quality Policy
It is a part of the management system currently used in MAXAM’s 70 workcenters currently certified in 45 countries around the world.
MAXAM proudly supports the arrival of the Spain-Australia Council Foundation
La compañía fundada por Alfred Nobel en España en 1872 opera en Australia desde 1988.
MAXAM takes out a syndicated loan for 280 million euros
This refinancing provides the necessary financial stability for strategic investments and international expansion. The solvency ratios established in the two credit lines signed in 2007 and 2010 have been fulfilled.
MAXAM celebrates its 140th anniversary with its sights on international expansion

The company was founded by Alfred Nobel in 1872. MAXAM, which is Spanish in origin, is the second global company in the sector of blasting products and services for mining, quarries and infrastructure construction.

MAXAM, an example of the internationalization of Spanish businesses

The company is featured as a practical case study within the “2012 Yearbook: The Internalization of Spanish Businesses”, edited by the Círculo de Empresarios and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

MAXAM expands its educational, social and community programs in Mongolia
The company establishes a new partnership with the Veloo Foundation, which provides help and outreach to underprivileged children, and continues its collaboration with the Mongolian Women’s Fund, the New Choice Children Organization and Alpha Communities NGOs.
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