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Sustainability - Introduction


Sustainability is the key to acting, conceiving, designing and implementing our work in all areas.

A company can only consolidate its growth if it follows a sustainable pattern. Sustainable development is the basis for the social, economic and environmental development of the communities and areas of interest in which MAXAM operates.

At MAXAM we strive to ground all our actions in the application of our corporate values (occupational health and safety prevention, environmental protection, quality control and technical security). We believe in holding ourselves to a higher standard and going beyond the obligations established by legal precepts in order to always work in a manner that is respectful of the environment and favors preservation efforts.

Leading companies must be active members of the societies to which they belong. By always being mindful of these matters, not only do we improve our daily management, but we also guarantee both our individual growth, as well as that of our society as a whole.


Last update 2019.08.08
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