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Sustainability - Security

In MAXAM, we are well aware of the special nature of the products handled in our Business Areas. We are also conscious of the negative consequences that a malicious use of these products may have on society. As a result, we have established a strict Corporate Safety Policy to prevent the theft of explosives from our facilities and deposits or during the transport in all of the countries in which we are present.
MAXAM´s Corporate Security Policy and its strict application to our activities is based on the following guidelines:
  • Strict compliance with the current legislation in the country where we operate.
  • Total transparency and cooperation with these authorities.
  • Control of exports to particular sensitive countries and the non-export of products to banned countries.
  • Systematic internal audits and inspections to our facilities and activities.
  • Being pro-active with regards to constant improvement of Security.


Last update 2019.08.08
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