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Sustainability - Technology

Since MAXAM commenced its operations in 1872, continuous research, development and innovation have been key elements in our evolution and in our contribution as a driving force to the progress of society and its surroundings.
MAXAM's policy on R&D states that the ownership of our technologies, together with their efficient and effective application in all of our areas of activity, is a basic asset providing added value to our companies. By having our own R&D and engineering, we are able to ensure our technological independence, which enables us to design strategic plans with full independence, a differentiating and competitive factor, the result of which is MAXAM's wide range of products and technical advice in the different sectors in which we operate.
The importance given to technology in MAXAM leads us to having a centralized structure from which to plan and carry out continuous innovation in products, processes, teams and services for all our areas of activity. These include the following:
  • Civil Explosives
  • Intiation Systems
  • Chemistry and synthesis
  • Sports shooting cartridges
  • Defence and demilitarization
  • Technological developments in the areas of safety and environment


Last update 2019.02.21
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