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Defence - Products - Energetics - Initiation systems
The initiation systems comprise a broad family of products. These pyrotechnic and electrical devices for initiation are products with a long tradition in MAXAM group, which EXPAL belongs to, evolving and adapting the user’s needs, improving always the performance, especially the safety. EXP ...

Defence - Services - Demilitarization. EOD and ammunition, explosives, and pyrotechnic Disposal & Recovery - Pyrotechnics disposal and recovery (flares, air bags and pyrotechnical devises)
EXPAL provides a global solution for pyrotechnics disposal and recovery based on our technologies, authorized facilities, and the expertise and knowledge of our professionals. EXPAL has the staff and capabilities to eliminate or recycle inert nautical flares, airbags and all categories of firew ...

Chem - Press room - News - MAXAM upgrades its Corporate Health and Safety Policy
In accordance with the requirements set by OHSAS 18001. To be applied in a mandatory and prioritized manner, it forms part of the Management Systems of every work center.

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