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20 Accident-free years at NITRICOMAX
20 Accident-free years at NITRICOMAX 20 Accident-free years at NITRICOMAX


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MAXAM  recognizes Tarragona personnel for their constant commitment to a culture of occupational safety in the company

The NITRICOMAX plant, part of MAXAM group, today celebrated 20 years without any industrial accidents. MAXAM recognized the dedication and constant commitment of workers at the nitric acid plant at an internal event held this morning in Tarragona and attended by senior managers representing the whole company.

"This is a key part of occupational safety, which not every company can pride itself on. This result has only been possible thanks to the daily effort and commitment of each and every one of the workers who have been part of NITRICOMAX over these 20 years. It is a legacy that we are proud of and that we hope to pass on to all new professionals joining the company", explained César Valero, Director of MAXAM's Tarragona plant.

Andrea Sánchez-Krellenberg, Global Occupational Health & Safety Director at MAXAM, has also recognized the outstanding work of NITRICOMAX professionals in "creating and maintaining a true culture of occupational safety at the company". "At MAXAM we know that health and safety involves everyone. Our safety culture is the result of a multilevel collective commitment by leaders and individuals within the organization to ensure prevention is a core part of our business," adds Sánchez-Krellenberg.

A Culture of Safety as a Way of Life
Safety is a fundamental value for MAXAM. The goal is clear: to ensure the well-being of all employees, customers, partners and communities where it operates. This is why the company voluntarily complies with the highest benchmarks and strives every day to sustain a culture of safety throughout the organization.

Its participation in the international Responsible Care program reflects this commitment to continuous improvement: a voluntary, global initiative in the chemical industry to improve Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection in all its operations, in accordance with the principles of Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility.

All company employees are actively involved in continuously improving the safety management systems.

MAXAM also collaborates with all its stakeholders, including authorities, clients, associations and communities, to promote a culture of experience-sharing, learning, transparency and honesty.


Taken over by MAXAM in 2013, NITRICOMAX has been present in Tarragona for over 40 years. Its principal business is the production of nitric acid, a fundamental raw material for the development and economic progress of society.

Apart from its use in energy materials, nitric acid is also used, for instance, in the food and electronics industries, in the manufacture of medicines, in the production of dyes, additives, fertilizers and plant food, and in artistic engraving.

The NITRICOMAX plant has the latest technology for the manufacture of nitric acid under the highest quality, safety and environmental protection parameters. Over the last 5 years, the company has made 6m euros worth of investment in improving its facilities.

About MAXAM -
MAXAM is a global technology company, specialising in the design, development, manufacture and application of energetic materials. It structures its activity into four business units: blasting solutions for mining, quarries and public works; cartridges and gunpowder for sport shooting and hunting; products and systems for the defence and security sector; and production of key raw materials for nitro chemical activity.

Founded by Alfred Nobel in 1872, MAXAM currently has more than 6,500 employees, more than 50 subsidiaries, 80 production facilities and business operations in more than 100 countries. The company closed the 2017 fiscal year with a turnover of 1,087 million euros.

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