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Ammunition and Explosives Disposal and Recovery

Defence - Services - Demilitarization. EOD and ammunition, explosives, and pyrotechnic Disposal & Recovery - Ammunition and Explosives Disposal and Recovery

EXPAL is a leader in the field of disposal and recovering of obsolete, excess or banned ammunition and explosives.

Its experience, knowledge, technologies, appropriate processes and capabilities of recovery and reuse of materials from munitions and explosives, for their reintegration into a new cycle of life in the civilian world, has led to a clear leadership position in this activity.

From 1960 developing this activity, EXPALhas more than 50 years of experience in demilitarization services and has carried out demilitarization activities in Europe, Asia, North and South America.
To carry out the ammunition destruction programs, EXPAL has an extensive logistics network that provides collection, transport and storage of ammunition to any of its demilitarization plants worldwide, in accordance with current international regulations.

The works are developed by well experience personnel with high technical capabilities, who follow procedures and processes for safety, environmental protection and quality standards, defined by international regulators.

EXPAL also provides mobile plants able to develop a comprehensive process of destruction where necessary, allowing to minimize the logistics costs and support our customer.

EXPAL develops to the maximum the R3 philosophy (Recover, Recycle and Reuse). More than 90% of the generated inert materials and 99% of the energetics are integrated in new products for different purposes in civil live.The energetics recovered generate new products that can be reincorporated into the life cycle of new high-performance applications such as for infrastructure, demolition and mining.


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