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Aeronautical systems maintenance

DENEX - Services - Maintenance and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) - Aeronautical systems maintenance

DENEX offers its experience and knowledge to provide integrated maintenance services Aeronautical Systems to Air Forces.  

DENEX  works closely with clients, providing them professionals and appropriate means to offer the specific solutions and as specified in each case according to their needs.

Carries out  the periodic required maintenance to assure these systems in perfect operation, maximum effectiveness and safety to the time of its use,  being able to implement changes that increase their operational improvements.

DENEX  is able to carry out the four levels of maintenance, including the most difficult as the disassembly and review of the equipment as a whole "overhaul". These tasks include: 
  • The updating of eyection systems.
  • The preventive and corrective maintenance of systems and subsystems for launchers and pylons.
  • The corrective and preventive maintenance of electronic and mechanical subsystems for conventional armament
  • The maintenance of weapons and auxiliary systems such as fuel tanks. 
For the implementation of these systems maintenance activities, EXPAL Engineering Department is essential to define the maintenance activities and improvements to implement. This is possible thanks to the knowledge of the equipment, its operation, its components and technologies, along with proper analysis of customer requirements.

DENEX  offers  in this activity the ongoing maintenance on the customer's premises, which is more profitable and assures better availability of systems, without impacting the implications of its staff (transport) or facilities.

It provides a customized service and the end the result is equivalent to new equipment, with the same service and operational life and new features of the customer.


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