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Who we are

DENEX - Who we are


DENEX develops, manufactures, integrates and maintains systems and services for the Defence and Security sector and offers also its high quality products to the hunting and sport sector (Outdoors), offering its customers a wide range of solutions adapted to its specific requirements.

DENEX is the unique Danish ammunitions, pyrotechnics and explosives company and is also a main provider of demilitarization and maintenance services.

DENEX, as part of EXPAL, MAXAM´s Defence Business Unit, integrates MAXAM´s corporate policies to its specific business and customer needs as a basis of its action to:
  •  Offer maximum quality in all products and services.
  •  Minimize, in case of any, environmental impact of its activities.
  •  Implement strict procedures of occupational health.
  •  Get the highest security standards.
  •  Develop a continuous improvement in R&D continuous activity as a basis of its technological development.
DENEX is qualified according to the standard PECAL/AQAP 2120 NATO quality assurance, ISO 9001:2000 quality norm, environmental certification ISO 14001 and health & safety qualification OHSAS 18001.


EXPAL develops, manufactures, integrates and maintains a wide portfolio of products, systems and services for Defence and Security sectors.

Our customers are Ministries of Defence and Armed Forces from around the globe, international organisms and other leading defence companies. Currently, EXPAL’s products and services are employed by over 60 countries.

EXPAL offers its customers a wide range of solutions for supporting and improving their operational capabilities. Adapted to the nature of their missions, EXPAL provides technological developments for the greater defence and protection of their troops.

The continuous innovation of products and services, a strong commitment to technological progress and a clear dedication to service have placed EXPAL in a leading position within the European Defence Industry.

As MAXAM’s leading Defence Business Unit, EXPAL has over 1000 employees and 11 production centers spread across Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Denmark and the U.S.

EXPAL possesses PECAL/AQAP 2110 “NATO Quality Assurance Requirements for Design, Development and Production” standard ratings and its production facilities have PECAL/AQAP 2120 production quality assurance qualifications. In addition, EXPAL and its production centers are certified under the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard.


Last update 2019.09.17
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