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EXPACE - Products and solutions - Aeroespace

  • Network Operation Centre Development (NOC): This is an ongoing project for Thales, for which EXPACE has developed a software program that is able to control and manage the REDSAT Network Operation Center (NOC). This software is able to create and manage configuration files that are sent through a network connection to the Management Station (MS), which is in charge of applying those configurations to the On-Board Processor (OBP) of a satellite terminal.
  • EGSE’s: EXPACE works on engineering and manufacturing of EGSE’s (Electrical Ground Support Equipment) for space applications. The objective of an EGSE is to provide hardware and software for efficient electrical testing of either single stages and integrated launcher. Expace was involved in the developing of the Unit Testers for Sentinel 2 MSI FEE and Arianne 5 Sequential Electronics.

  • UNIT TESTERS and TEST BENCHES: EXPACE develops engineering and manufacturing of test benches for electronic equipment for space and defense applications. It means that specified Hardware and software is developed by EXPACE.
  • PROSAVE: EXPACE participates in the PROSAVE project: "Research Project on Advanced Systems for a more eco-efficient aircraft." This project introduces the SHM (Structural Health Monitoring) in aerospace sector. SHM technology manages to perform a structural integrity monitoring of a product components through a series of sensors installed on the structure to be analyzed. The information obtained by sensors can detect defects such as cracks or fissures that may affect the structural behavior of the part, reducing its resistance. According to that, the PROSAVE project develops a tool to study the behavior of aircraft wings structure through SHM technology in order to improve its design.


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