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EXPACE - Industries - Defence

EXPACE takes part in weapons system projects, providing solutions for equipment and complete systems.

Our technology allows us the combine resources (materials, people, vehicles and infrastructures) in order to offer new ways to respond to the different scenarios that may arise, principally focusing on covering the protective needs of the deployed forces, as well as the modernization of the army.

The following products fall within EXPACE’s Defense sector product range:
  • TECHFIRE: A Digital Firing Control System for Firing Units (mortars, artillery, etc).

  • EXPLOSOR: An electronic Remote Detonation System.

  • FUZE-SETTER: A digital programmer designed to be able to set up the detonation parameters of electronic fuzes in mortar and artillery ammunition.

  • ARACNO Sensor: The sensor is a micro bolometer based thermal camera, incorporating GPS, magnetic compass and inclinometer and an eye-safe Laser Range Finder (LRF).

EXPACE is involved in various command and control programs, GPS/INS MEMS guided systems and terminal guided. Moreover, EXPACE offers engineering services in the following areas: High reability Mechatronic (Mechanics and Electronics), Communication Software and Systems Engineering.


Last update 2019.09.17
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