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Micro UAV

EXPACE - Highlights - Micro UAV

EXPACE offers two UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) models that cover the surveillance needs of the Defence and Security sectors.

  • Unmanned bird-shaped device for aerial reconnaissance; easy to use, silent and unobtrusive. 
  • It looks like a native bird, with the same flight characteristics. Capable of gliding at great height with its engine off, the device is invisible in sensitive missions.
  • Especially useful to scare away gregarious birds in civilian and military airfields, as well as for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations in critical infrastructures, the fight against terrorism, and drug trafficking in areas of difficult access.
  • Easy to operate by personnel with no aviation experience and minimal training.
  • SHEPHERD works in all topographic, atmospheric and environmental conditions, and requires minimal maintenance
  • Unmanned Forward Observer, counterpart to the TECHFIRE Forward Observer (FO).
  •  SHEPHERD-MIL is a Bird-shaped device for aerial reconnaissance. Silent and unobtrusive.
  • Locates and transmits target positions to the TECHFIRE Platoon Commander Computer (PCC) over long distances.
  • Can be launched by hand
Specification Units
Range 15-20 km
Autonomy 60 min
Weigh 3 kg
Transport box 86x60x31 cm box
Time to deploy 2 min
Video camara Daynight


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