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EXPACE - Capabilities - R&D

Research and Development is a priority for EXPACE; the company is committed to research and development, and actively takes part in R&D projects.

EXPACE is involved in high tech and cutting edge operations, from individual projects where the R&D cost is assumed by the company, to larger projects that are executed within a consortium.

Some of the R&D projects in which EXPACE has played a key role are:
  • DETECTA: Funded by Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), this project aims to develop proximity electronics for energetic particle detectors within research facilities.
  • PROMETEO: EXPACE On Board Systems participates in the PROMETEO project, which develops technology for comprehensive forest firefighting and natural preservation effors. Within that project, funded by the CDTI, and with a budget of € 10 million, EXPACE and the Carlos III University have developed a new self-propelled and guided system that helps puts out forest fires at night.
  • eSEAL: The eSEAL project focuses on the development of electronic seals for freight containers.
  • SADA: The SADA project is funded by the European Space Agency (ESA). Its objective is to study and develop the ESA’s space assets in support of humanitarian demining efforts.
  • GRETA: The GRETA Project is supported by the CDTI and is focused on the development of a guidance system for 70mm rockets fired from helicopters.


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