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EXPACE - Services

In addition to its own products, EXPACE provides engineering services at the highest technological level. The services provided cover a wide range of technologies, supported by the experience and knowledge of our engineers. The qualifications of the engineers who make up the EXPACE's staff include Telecommunication, Electronics, Mechanical, Software, Systems and Aeronautical Engineers. With these capabilities, EXPACE has the ability to provide engineering services to a wide range of sectors and activities, ranging from on demand ad hoc designs to large turnkey engineering projects.

These services can be sorted into three groups:

  • High Reliability Mechatronic (Mechanics and Electronics): EXPACE has, within its human resources, Electrical and Mechanical engineers with extensive experience in electronic, micro-electronic and mechanical design. EXPACE has the capacity and ability to design electronic (and micro-electronic) equipment ad hoc. Likewise, EXPACE design mechanical components to both integrate proprietary electronics and develop ad hoc projects on demand.
  • Comnunication Software: EXPACE develops communications software at different levels: from proprietary protocols based on TCP / IP for its command and control military systems (Techfire System), where these protocols implement symmetric encryption algorithms and focus on the reliability of transmission, up to protocols for sending telemetry data, including the necessary firmware for the hardware emitter. In the latter case, the protocol is focused on the use of available bandwidth and transmission speed.
  • Systems Engineering: Due to the great variety of engineers within the EXPACE staff, the company has the ability to integrate systems and equipment of any technological and industrial sector. Thus, EXPACE creates custom engineering solutions and develop innovative systems through the integration of different technologies according to customer needs.

Some projects of reference are:

  • High Reliability Mechatronic
    • Interface UAV ATLANTE 
    • EGSEs


  • Communication Software
    • NOC REDSAT Satellite


  •  Systems Engineering


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