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EXPAL will participate in HOMSEC 2013
EXPAL will participate in HOMSEC 2013 EXPAL will participate in HOMSEC 2013


Defence - Press room - News - EXPAL will participate in HOMSEC 2013

SHEPHERD-MIL, a UAV with different applications for intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance missions will be featured along with other products and systems at the exhibition.

EXPAL will participate in HOMSEC 2013, displaying some of its most innovative solutions in the security area. Among other products, SHEPHERD-MIL, an UAV which looks like a native bird with the same flight performance, will be featured. This UAV is characterized by the glide-ratio and noiseless motor that make it invisible, silent and unobtrusive in sensitive missions. SHEPHERD-MIL was initially developed as a bird strike avoidance system, and currently is used in situations where the safety and protection are key.

SHEPHERD-MIL is equipped with cameras and geolocation software. The system is especially suitable for border surveillance missions, firefighting, and anti-drug trafficking operations amongst others. Furthermore, EXPAL has adapted and integrated the SHEPHERD-MIL into its Fire Support System (TECHFIRE), transforming the SHPEHERD-MIL into a specific version, Unmanned Forward Observer (UFO-UAV) that functions as a complement for the forward observer.


is a Spanish company that develops, manufactures, integrates and maintains products, systems and services for the defence and security sectors; weapon systems, munitions and energetic products; applications and technological systems; maintenance services, modernization and integrated logistics support for military vehicles and aircraft systems; as well as demilitarization and EOD services.

EXPAL offers a complete range of highly integrated products with advanced features, and operates in an ever-growing list of countries worldwide.

EXPAL heads the MAXAM Group's Defence division.


MAXAM is a service and industrial group that operates on a global scale by developing, manufacturing and commercializing civil explosives and initiation systems for mining, quarries and construction; cartridges, shotgun shells and smokeless powder for hunting and sports use; and products for the defense industry. Additionally, MAXAM is a supplier of key raw materials for nitro chemical activity, generated for the company’s own internal needs as well as for sales to third parties. Finally, as a result of its drive towards innovative, sustainable development, MAXAM offers its clients a wide variety of solutions in the fields of safety and environmental conservation.

Founded by Alfred Nobel in 1872, MAXAM celebrates its 140th birthday in 2012 with a yearly turnover of approximately one billion euros and a presence in all of the major mining areas of the world, with production sites in over 40 countries, an active market presence in more than 100 others, and over 6000 employees spread across five continents.

offers a complete range of products and services to the companies and markets where it operates and integrates safe, superior quality and high tech products with the most complete technical advice, contributing in this manner to the continuous improvement of the services given to its clients. The company’s vast international presence, respect for the environment, groundbreaking research and considerable philanthropic efforts demonstrate MAXAM’s status as a leading, active and committed company, engaged with the progress and development of the society and the environment that surrounds it.


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