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EXPAL designs and manufactures a wide and comprehensive range of fuzes, both mechanical and electronic, for artillery ammunition, naval ammunition, mortar bombs, aircraft bombs and rockets.

EXPAL is one of the leading European manufacturers of these fuzes with many years of experience in this highly competitive area.
  • PDB-332 Mortar fuze
  • PDB-333 Mortar fuze
  • MT-370 Mortar fuze
  • MT-M370 Mortar fuze

  • PD-M557C1 Artillery fuze
  • PD-M572G1 Artillery fuze
  • MTSQ-M564 Artillery fuze
  • MT-M565 Artillery fuze
  • MTSQ-M548 Artillery fuze

  • EC 301 Electronic fuze
  • EC 102 Multipurpose electronic fuze

  • B-70 Rocket fuze
  • BC-140 Rocket fuze

  • MU-05 Aircraft fuze
  • M904E3 Aircraft fuze
  • MU-08 Aircraft fuze
  • M905B Aircraft fuze
  • KAPPA III Aircraft fuze
  • EROS Aircraft fuze
  • ERCUS Aircraft fuze

  • ER-501 kit
  • BD-225 fuze
  • T-45/m148B Adapter
  • T-46/m147B Adapter


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