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EXPAL is a leader in mortar systems ammunition, providing service to more than 35 Armed Forces around the world.

This leadership has been possible due EXPAL internal developments that have been taking place in propelling charges and modification of mortar mass and aerodynamic characteristics, as seeking lighter platforms. This combination increases the estimated scope in 10% for calibers of 60 and 81 mm, ranges up to 10 km for 120 mm calibers.
EXPAL experiences continuous improvements and developments on mortar ammunitions, as the latest smoke ammunition version, the screening in the visible and infrared,  the illuminating ammunition, the illuminating in the IR, completing the range with HE, illuminating, smoke and practice. All of these products with excellent performance due high range and presicion.
  • Mortar bomb 60 mm AE-HE.
  • Mortar bomb 60 mm AE-HC.
  • Mortar bomb 60 mm AE-ILLUMINATING.
  • Mortar bomb 60 mm AE-RP.
  • Mortar bomb 81 mm AE-HE.
  • Mortar bomb 81 mm AE-HC.
  • Mortar bomb 81 mm AE-ILLUMINATING.
  • Mortar bomb 120 mm AE-HE.
  • Mortar bomb 120 mm AE-HC.
  • Mortar bomb 120 mm AE-ILLUMINATING.


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