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Defence - Products - Energetics - Demolition stores

The Demolition Stores manufactured by EXPAL cover a wide family with explosive shaped charges that instantly allows cutting, drilling, removing obstacles, or breaching through the obstructions.

This material has a large manufacturing experience in EXPAL, being subject to changes, as in the case of the Explosive Pole (Bangalore Torpedo), seeking to increase capabilities and safety margins of employment, including, low sensitivity explosive initiation.

  • ADAR     
  • TNT blocks         
  • Explosive Pole    
  • CDC-7 Cutting charge   
  • CHM-3 shaped charge  
  • Detonating cord  
  • PG-2 Plastic explosive   
  • PG-4 Plastic explosive   
  • Explosive sheet  
  • UDP Demolition bag      
  • UDR Demolition bag      
  • C-11.000 


Last update 2019.09.16
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