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EXPAL offers EOD material, as special charges applicable during the procedures of neutralization of UXO´s, a wide range of plastic explosives with different characteristics that cover all scenarios, initiation systems which diversity allows great flexibility on use for cannon shots, and disrupting power and capsule initiation, facilitating its use and increasing the safety margins for EOD Operators.

EOD charges:

  • EOD charge CH-25- EL
  • EOD charge CH-40- L   
  • EOD charge CH-6000  
  • PG-2 plastic explosive   
  • PG-4 plastic explosive   
  • Explosive sheet  
  • Detonating cord  

  • Pyrotechnic initiation set DC-1        
  • Shock tube initiation set TOC DC-2
  • Electric detonators    
  • Powerd initiation system. Electronic delay ER401 ER-401
  • Powerd initiation system. Radio control SR-401    
  • ZEB CA/10/01 capacitor exploder  
  • ZEB VA/15 capacitor exploder       
  • Insulation and ignition circuit tester DIZ     
  • Ignition circuit tester DZ3    
  • EOD Eyection cartridge 20 mm       
  • EOD Eyection cartridge CAL.12.    
  • HE Cutting Charge, AR MK7, MOD6, MOD7, MOD8    


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