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Defence - Products - Energetics - Initiation systems

The initiation systems comprise a broad family of products. These pyrotechnic and electrical devices for initiation are products with a long tradition in MAXAM group, which EXPAL belongs to, evolving and adapting the user’s needs, improving always the performance, especially the safety.

EXPAL adapts specific defence requirements, as shock tube devices are being adapted to defence in order to replace the safety fuse and electronic super-safety initiation system that enables the handling of electric detonators offsetting, the long security protocols because of their digital doors.

  • Safety fuze ML-1           
  • Pyrotechnic detonators M-1   
  • Pyrotechnic initiation set DC-1          
  • Electric detonator         
  • EM-1 igniter       
  • I3 igniter 
  • Shock tube pyrotechnic initiator "CHAMPIGNON"
  • Powerd initiation system. Electronic delay ER401 ER-401
  • Powerd initiation system. Radio control SR-401    
  • ZEB CA/10/01 capacitor exploder     
  • ZEB VA/15 capacitor exploder          
  • Insulation and ignition circuit tester DIZ      
  • Ignition circuit tester DZ3       


Last update 2019.09.16
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