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Defence - Products - Energetics - Propellants and propellant systems

EXPAL has a large tradition over a century in the prodction of an extensive and proven efficiency supplying propellants and propellants systems for civil and military sectors, in accordance with safety and environmentally-friendly policies.

The combination
of deep knowledge in manufacturing, along with continual product research and development in this field allows EXPAL to conducte design training programs for new propellants, simulation studies, laboratory tests or ballistic tests.

  • Black Powder. Military, Pyrotechnics, Sports, Mining.
  • Simple base (GSB), Double base (GDB), and Triple base (GTB) powders. for Medium caliber (20 ¸ 40mm), Artillery(105mm, 155mm, 203mm, 76/62 Naval, 5”54 Naval and Mortar munition (60 ¸ 120mm). Formats: cylindrical, threads, sticks, squared flakes.
  • Powder Pastes (NG+NC) wetted and dried.
  • Solventless Doubled-based Carpet Roll Propellants for Rocket Motors.
  • Cartriges and Increments for Mortar Munition.
  • Salute Cartridges.
  • Artillery propelling chasrges (105 mm, 155 mm, 203 mm)
  • Rocket motors Regraining Activities. Composite propellants for Rocket Motors.
  • Base bleed propellant grains for 105 and 155 mm artillery ammunition.


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