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EXPAL pyrotechnics materials offer a wide range of products and solutions such as flash-bang devices, with electric or pyrotechnic initiation to simulate detonations in the instruction of the soldiers, 12-gauge cartridges propellants or non-lethal capabilities for law enforcement, Aircraft countermeasures or charges to scare away birds at air bases, airfields or other fixed installations.

  • SAP 600       
  •  Bird scarer     

  • Sound Flash M66      
  • Practice M/54 for Hand Grenade, Practice M/54   
  • Signal bomb M/66     
  • Sound and flash M/75          
  • Sound and flash M/02
Law Enforcement:

  • Cal.12. polyethylene shot cartridge      
  • Cal.12. rubber ball cartridge     
  • Cal.12. rubber 2 ball cartridge  
  • Cal.12. rubber 15 shot cartridge           
  • Cal.12. bean bag cartridge       
  • Cal.12. black powder propellant launching cartridge   
  • Cal.12. smokeless powder propellant launching cartridge      
  • Cal.12. brenneke original slug cartridge           
  • Cal.12. buck shot cartridge        
  • Cal.12. star slug cartridge          
  • Cal.12.armoured slug cartridge mg       
  • load 32      

  • Impact simulator EFX body       
  • Impact simulator EFX hit
  • Impact simulator EFX breaking object  
  • Impact simulator EFX spark      
  • Impact simulator EFX spark   
  • M/99 UXO´s 
  • M/03 cartridge for M/99
  • 11 mm (for use in theatres)   


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