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EXPAL is a worldwide leader in mortar systems, platform, and ammunition. Its products are supplied to the main Armed Forces from many countries, becoming an excellent fire support in current conflicts.
This systems that range from 60, 81, and 120mm offer an excellent balance between weight and manageability of the platform. Fast position-time, high operativity and easy to handle maintain.
Also, EXPAL can adapt its products to particular client requirements and necessities, as the COMBI MORTAR 60mm adapted to be used as a comando mortar, facilitating packaging design, being lighter and easy to use for storage.
EXPAL has also a Fire Control System for mortars called “TECHFIRE”, totally integrated from the sensor to the weapon. That allows automating and accelerating all the tasks related to the direct or indirect shooting or in a mortar unit permitting to increase precision and control.

  • 120 mm M-86 Mortar, Symetric Bipod   
  • 81 mm M-86 Mortar, Asymetric Bipod      
  • 81 mm M-98 Mortar, Symetric Bipod         
  • 60 mm M-86 Mortar, Asymetric Bipod     
  • 60 mm M-99 Mortar, Symetric Bipod        
  • 60 mm Comando Mortar    


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