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MAXAM Foundation

MAXAM Foundation - Calendar of the year - 1946

Antonio Luis Gutiérrez Fernández
Lady with dog

Oil / canvas

64 x 54 cm      
Recalling the early decades of the XX century, and an age more of shadows than of light, the MAXAM Collection added a new incorporation in 1946 with the creation of this portrait of a distinguished lady.

This Seville-born artist's complete Fine Arts education at Madrid’s School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving is evident by way of the academicism revealed by its composition, as well as the intuitive perspective revealed by the landscape in the background, the stiff garments worn by the model, or the warm drawing that is subsequently filled with color.

Antonio Luis regularly practiced portraiture throughout his career, producing works of art for noted personalities belonging to the upper classes or the aristocracy, amongst them the Kings of Spain and the Duke of Alba.


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