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MAXAM Foundation

MAXAM Foundation - Calendar of the year - 1974

Jose Puyet
Old man with partridges
                                                                                                                             Oil / canvas
100 x 81 cm 

This painting is José Puyet's second contribution to the MAXAM Collection, follwing 1966's Pomegranates, and it features the last of the numerous old-fashioned hunters that came to illustrate the Explosives Calendar.

A mix of precise drawing with an impressionist background, this profoundly intrusive painting depicts an elder carrying partridges without shame or pride, but rather with a stark nudity that reflects a man whose life is now largely behind him, and who can limit himself to the the simple pleasures offered by nature, concretely, those found in the fields in which he hunts.

Puyet's Andalusian background -he was born in Seville- is evident in his attachment to his native land, depicted here with earthy, muted ochre colors, as well as through the soft strokes that extend just enough to cover the line drawing under the oil. A perfect combination the style which he inherited from the Seville School , as well as the impressionist art that the author encountered during his childhood and through his grandfather, the master Padilla.


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