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Pedro Moreno Meyerhoff, "Painting is a hugely important vehicle for communication"
Pedro Moreno Meyerhoff, "Painting is a hugely important vehicle for communication" Pedro Moreno Meyerhoff, "Painting is a hugely important vehicle for communication"


MAXAM Foundation - Press room - Interviews - Pedro Moreno Meyerhoff, "Painting is a hugely important vehicle for communication"

The author of "The Quarry", the image of MAXAM's Calendar for 2018, shares with us the creative process followed through to completion of the work.

Why did you choose to capture this place in your work?

We looked at different locations, but the most important aspect was that it was not a closed space, but rather one opened up to our world. Much of what shapes it comes from places like this.

What did it suggest to you?
I have an intense relationship with stone. I've always been interested in it. I don't know if it is because of my name, but there is something about its stability, humility, capability and force which is very evident. Seeing this place gave me a special feeling, a feeling you work with whilst you are painting.

Which elements caught your attention?
Fundamentally, the scale. That was my first impression. And also the irregular geometry found in nature. There are also secondary aspects you discover as this emotion takes shape, and which, for me, are the four elements I saw in the quarry.

Firstly, earth; air, because there were a few days of work with a lot of sun; fire, which for me are the explosive products; and, finally, water, as seen in the image I have painted.

What is your way of working?
Everything that contributes to the end result is essential. Photographs, sketches, drawings, short notes related to the small stones I took from the quarry and I now have in my studio, regardless of how far removed they are from what I am doing. All this contributes to the final result.

Another key is to work many hours every day, with patience and tranquility. In this sense, I define myself as more than an artist, a craftsman.

How did you start working on your impressions of the quarry from the notes you took there?
As I usually do, with large masses of color. In some parts going from dark to light, to bring out the brightness; and in others painting in a grid, a classic method. Then there is a big part which involves elaboration. This is like a recipe: small secrets that fit the work you are doing, whether it is a portrait, a still life or a landscape.

The end result, "The Quarry", was this the image you had visualized from the outset?
You always have an initial idea based on this emotion, on the intensity of the moment. The end result has to be related in some way, even though it is not strictly what you wanted… It is good to leave some space for interpretation of reality. This means you dominate the topic you want to represent, rather than the other way round.

What role do you think painting plays in today’s world?
It is a hugely important vehicle for communication in the world today, and is fundamental in order to overcome its depersonalization. It connects you very directly to yourself and to your interior, to the part that goes beyond the soul and is defined as spiritual.


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