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In the construction of infrastructures, the concern and care for the environment are the key aspects for the development of the surroundings in which these will be inserted.

Infrastructures have a direct impact on the sustainability and development of our society. Infrastructure construction often requires solutions of great precision and efficiency in order to meet the technical, financial and environmental targets. Depending on the type of work involved, it may be necessary to excavate rocks and/or hard soils, or to remove or demolish structures, amongst other tasks. These require different blasting techniques to be applied. In this regard, controlled use of the energy from explosive products plays a key role in such work, whether open-cast, underground or underwater. It should be remembered that using these energy materials is often more economical and efficient than using mechanical means.

Multiple blasting techniques can be applied in infrastructure construction. From the afore mentioned underground or underwater blast work, through to blasts in benches and the demolition of structures, amongst others. These tasks are often carried out in complex circumstances, for example close to town centres or sensitive structures, meaning control is essential in order to minimize or eliminate any adverse effects such as vibrations, air waves, projections and fumes emissions.

 Underwater blast in the Panama Canal expansion

MAXAM and infrastructure construction

As in many exploitation processes, MAXAM has worked in a large number of infrastructure construction projects around the world. One of the most emblematic projects was the work to expand the Panama Canal, which involved designing and carrying out 3000 blasts, many of them underwater, in a complex environment in order to extract more than 31 million cubic meters of rock. Furthermore, the new locks complex at the entrance to the Canal from the Pacific Ocean required high-productivity and high-precision blasting close to population centres, sensitive structures and setting concrete.

MAXAM has also been involved in projects such as the construction of one of the largest hydroelectric power plants in Africa, on the Cuanza river in Lauca, Angola. This important project meant the course of the Cuanza river had to be temporarily diverted, which required excavating two tunnels running for 550 and 450 meters in length, with a cross-section of approximately 175 sqm. Open-cast blasting was carried out to prepare the land to support the dam, along with six tunnels, each running for 2000 meters with a cross-section of 104 sqm, in order to feed the turbines of the hydroelectric plant. Given these challenges, the value propositions developed by MAXAM include:

• Optimal operation safety.
• Complete line of products and loading systems (open-cast, underground and underwater).
• Environmental effects control (vibrations, air wave, projections, dust, fumes, etc.)
• Fragmentation and productivity control.
• Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The combination of all these factors is key to the success of infrastructure construction operations.
Be sure to contact MAXAM for further information on blasting solutions and value proposals in this type of projects.

  Load of a blast in Angola (project Lauca) front

Blasting solutions. November 2017


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