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MAXAM Foundation
MAXAM Collection. Spanish painting since 1900.

MAXAM Foundation - MAXAM Collection - MAXAM Collection. Spanish painting since 1900.

Astana (Kazakhstan). 2013.09.30 /11.15

Kulanshi Art Center. Palace of Peace and Accord.

The ‘MAXAM Collection. Spanish painting since 1900’ presents 82 works created by some of the most representative Spanish artists of the XX and XXI century. Traveling outside of Spain for the first time in the Collection’s history, the exhibition also marks Kazakhstan first major international art show.

The exhibition includes renowned artists like Julio Romero de Torres, Ángel Mateo Charris, Cecilio Plá, Rafael Canogar, Manuel Benedito or Eduardo Úrculo, among many others.

The official innauguration, which took place on the 30th of September, was attended by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, and the Minister of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mukhtar Abraruly Kul-Mukhammed.

Spanish painting since 1900
MAXAM, founded by Alfred Nobel in 1872 in Bilbao, commissioned a painter in 1899 to illustrate its calendar that would serve as a promotional poster for the Company’s products during the following year. In a period when modern methods of communication did not yet exist, posters were considered to be a prime medium by which to reach both consumers and the wider public at large.

That decision was the source of both the collection and a tradition, that today, more than a century later, the Company continues to undertake year after year, resulting in a unique compendium of authors, styles and themes. Over 100 works of art by noted artists, representing a full review of the history of figurative Spanish painting throughout the XX century, and the first few years of the XXI.

Besides being works of art commissioned from painters recognized by both critics and the general public, its style is figurative and its themes are related to the Company’s business, or with its role in society, as expressed by each artist according to his or her particular style.

The works that make up the MAXAM Collection reflect the world of mining, of the construction of major infrastructure, of sports shooting or hunting in the rural world, of fireworks…

Kazakhstan’s first international art exhibition
In previous periods, the Explosives Calendar’s collection –as it was popularly known– was considered “the museum for those who did not have access to museums”.

Today these works of art make up the MAXAM Collection, and they are featured in museums and art galleries by way of loans to institutions or the temporary exhibitions periodically organized by the MAXAM Foundation in order to allow others to come to know these paintings. The first exhibition was organized in 1999 in Madrid, and since then the Collection has visited numerous other Spanish cities, amongst them Gijón, Burgos, Valladolid, A Coruña, Vigo, Cartagena, Salamanca, León…

The exhibition marks the first time that the MAXAM Collection travels outside of Spain, and also represents the first mayor international art exhibition to be held in the history of Kazakhstan.

The “MAXAM Collection. Spanish painting since 1900’ will be on display until the 15th of November at the Kulanshi Art Center (Palace of Peace and Accord –Pyramid–, Tauelsizkik str, 57, Astana, Kazakhstan).

September 30 - November 15.
From Monday to Friday: 10.00 to 18.00 h.; saturdays, 11.00 to 17.00 h.


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