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Madrid. Spain. 2018.10.31 - 11.18
Lázaro Galdiano Museum.

The image of the 2019 MAXAM Calendar invites us to reflect on the passage of time, the transcience of earthly possessions and the brevity of life. A work upon which this exposition is based tells us two different stories, how Alfonso Albacete prolongs the almost 120 years of existence of the MAXAM Painting Collection and also the process of realizing the work since the first famous and recognized artista received the commission to illustrate our then new almanac, whose first edition was commissioned in 1899.

On one hand we can immerse ourselves in the iconography – mythological themes related to hunting, the central figure of an “explosive woman,” or rural life – of the MAXAM Collection through a selection of five works, of more than 100, signed by Arturo Mélida (1900), Cecilio Plá (1908), Julio Romero de Torres (1925), Pedro Batalla (1953) and Eduardo Arroyo (1999). All of these images made expressly to illustrate a poster which had the function of an almanac.

On the other, there exists a synthesis between the creative process followed by Alfonso Albacete since he started working on the ideas that the commission suggested and how he learned more about MAXAM's production activity, until his later work in the studio to reach the final result, Vanitas.
Vanitas’ sketches


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