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MAXAM Bachelor's & Master's Degrees prizes
Miriam Hernández and Andrea Martínez have not only been the number one students on this year's courses (Bachelor´s and Master's Degrees), but they have also been awarded the MAXAM prize in both categories. In this interview find out a little more about them, their projects and the start of their professional careers.
Ramón Santos, Spanish Ambassador to Panama: “MAXAM’s almanac perfectly reflects the new Panama Canal’s plenitude”
He is a graduate in Law, Political Science and Sociology, has a master's degree in Constitutional Law and Political Science, and has been in the diplomatic service since 1986.
Ángeles Ramos, Executive Director and Head Curator at the Panama Interoceanic Canal Museum: "Cultural patronage has many benefits both for businesses and also for art"
A holder of a PhD in the History of Art from the University of Seville, Ángeles Ramo has devoted 20 years of her life to this museum. Today, she opens its doors to us and describes the important role this institution plays in the country as well as what she believes about hosting the MAXAM Collection up until the 19th of February.
Jesús Muñiz, the organiser and coordinator of the exhibition "Drivers of great change"
Graduate in History of Art who also holds a Diploma in Heritage Management, Jesús Muñiz reveals the details of an exposition which sets out the important role played by industry in Galdacano´s social and economic progress and development.
Winners of MAXAM Graduation Prize 2016
We spoke with María Echevarría and Sofía Castanera, graduates from the Higher Technical School of Mines and Energy Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, who won the MAXAM Graduation Prizes for their work in Energy Resources, Combustibles and Explosives Engineering.
“Posters are still alive”
Mikel Bilbao, professor at the Department of History of Art and Music at the University of the Basque Country. He was the curator of  "Messages from the Wall"  an exhibition organised at the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum last Autumn, which shed new light on the history, authors and themes of poster art.
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