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MAXAM at the Slim Project

Contributing to the sustainable development of mining in Europe

One of the main goals of MAXAM is to lead the sustainable development of the industries in which it is involved. As one of the initiatives to achieve this goal, the company is part of the SLIM Project, together with another twelve companies and institutions from Austria, Denmark, France, Sweden and Spain. SLIM seeks to promote economic and environmentally sustainable mining, and is funded by the European Union in its Horizon 2020 programme.

The solutions developed in the framework of this initiative will enable operations to be carried out that are currently unfeasible either due to their small size or the high environmental impact of their activity.

MAXAM will provide its knowledge as a world leader in the design, development and application of energetic materials for mining and quarrying. Specifically, the company leads the work group whose mission is to develop an explosive and pumping equipment that enable the blast characteristics to be adapted on-site to suit the varying rock conditions. Furthermore, the company is working on an additional module for RIOBLAST, its blast design software, to incorporate the characteristics of the new explosive. All of this must inevitably contribute to reducing ammonium nitrate leaching, limiting the environmental impact to the extent possible.

The solutions developed by the thirteen members will be tested in three mines in Spain and Austria in order to validate their development in 2020. Starting from that date, all of this will make it possible to increase the supply of European-mined minerals and materials, reducing dependence on external sources and contributing to the development of local communities.

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