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Asturias Museum of Mining and Industry received 55,337 visitors in 2015
80% of revenue of the MUMI came from the sale of tickets and the museum shop, whilst the other 20% came from the Regional Government and MAXAM Foundation
MAXAM Foundation supports Down Syndrome Foundation Madrid in creating employment opportunities for people with learning disabilities
Donation of €7866, the entire takings of the vending machines in MAXAM's central offices in Madrid
MAXAM Foundation will sponsor the 83rd edition of the Autumn Salon of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors
The exhibition will introduce the latest work in MAXAM's Art Collection and the image for its 2017 calendar at Casa de Vacas Cultural Centre (Parque del Retiro, Madrid)
"Highly useful projects for the market, industry and society"
María Echevarría and Sofía Castaneda awarded the MAXAM Graduation Prize for their Engineering work on Energy Resources, Combustibles and Explosives
MAXAM Foundation sponsors the 1st Mining Tourism Fair (FETUMI)
An initiative organised by Hunosa and the Association of Local Councils of Mining Towns of the Valle Del Nalón, with the support of the Asturias Regional Government
MAXAM Foundation collaborates with “Homo Sapiens”, the retrospective of Dis Berlin organised by CEART in Fuenlabrada (Madrid)
The exhibition organised by Centro de Arte Tomás y Valiente in Madrid explores the different matters which Dis Berlin has dealt with over the last decade.
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