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“Light in Páramo de Masa” by Paula Varona, new artwork for the MAXAM collection and the image for its 2016 calendar
The work by the Madrid painter depicts the headquarters of one of the company’s R&D+I and technology centers
“Explosives lie at the heart of humanity’s development”
Seminar on the role of blasting operations in the Panama Canal expansion, co-organised by the MAXAM Foundation and the Madrid Polytechnic University College of Mining and Energy Engineering (ETSIME)
The MAXAM Foundation and AEPE sign a collaboration agreement for the digitalization of the “Bernardino de Pantorba” historical archive
Some of the first artists to be included in the MAXAM Collection (founded in 1900) such as Cecilio Pla, Manuel Benedito, Gonzalo Bilbao and Julio Romero de Torres, were founders of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors (AEPE) in 1910.
Science and art. MAXAM’s Calendar paintings as a way of diffusing and teaching science
Article published in “Anales de Química” (Volume 111, number 2, July 2015).
“Industry is the foundation of sustainable economic growth and creation of stable employment”
Keynote address by the Chairman & CEO of MAXAM, Fernando Sánchez-Junco, on mining at the graduation ceremony of the School of Mining Engineering (ETSIME) of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM).
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