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Science and art. MAXAM’s Calendar paintings as a way of diffusing and teaching science
Article published in “Anales de Química” (Volume 111, number 2, July 2015).
“Industry is the foundation of sustainable economic growth and creation of stable employment”
Keynote address by the Chairman & CEO of MAXAM, Fernando Sánchez-Junco, on mining at the graduation ceremony of the School of Mining Engineering (ETSIME) of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM).
“MAXAM Collection. Spanish painting since 1900” arrives in Dallas for its first display in the U.S.
From the 23rd to the 30th of June in the Latino Cultural Center of Dallas, Texas (USA) and from the 9th of July to the 4th of September in The Michelson Museum of Art of Marshall, Texas (USA).
MAXAM Foundation collaborates with Down Madrid in the “Early Care Between 0 and 6 Years” project
MAXAM expands its Corporate Social Responsibility actions in Madrid
The Asturias Mining and Industry Museum (MUMI) expands its “House of the Explosive” section
This area was opened in 2003 and it´s formed by various contributions made by MAXAM´s subsidiaries around the world. MAXAM is the Spanish civil explosives production company founded by Alfred Nobel in 1872.
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