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‘Chemical Circuit’, Dis Berlin's image for MAXAM's 2014 calendar
This artwork expands the MAXAM Collection, which was founded in 1900 and grows at the rate of one newly commissioned painting each year, all of which are specifically created to illustrate the Company’s famed ‘Explosive Calendars’.
Companies, a key element in the preservation, study and dissemination of industrial heritage
Main conclusions centered on the need for companies to integrate the management of their heritage within the context of their business strategy, and for society (institutions, administrations and the media) to recognize the role of companies in the generation , preservation and dissemination of these matters.
MAXAM sponsors the LXXX Salón de Otoño
The event, held at Madrid’s Buen Retiro Park, gathers some of Spain’s most important painters and sculptors, who compete for a number of prizes.
Kazakhstan exhibits the MAXAM Painting Collection
'MAXAM Collection. Spanish painting since 1900' is the first international art exhibition to be held in the Central Asian country.
Painter Ángel Mateo Charris donates the 'Miners' engravings series to the MUMI
The Museum of Mining and Industry in Asturias adds these works to a collection already nurtured by the MAXAM Foundation, which continues to expand its ‘House of the Explosive’.
GOLD by Rafael Cidoncha, featured image of the 2013 explosives calendar
Each year the work is entrusted to a painter celebrated by both critics and the general public. What began as an innovative corporate sponsorship initiative has gradually led to the creation of a unique collection that gathers over a century’s worth of art history.
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