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EXPAL will build a Center of Excellence in Propulsion Research and Development in Murcia
EXPAL will build a Center of Excellence in Propulsion Research and Development in Murcia EXPAL will build a Center of Excellence in Propulsion Research and Development in Murcia


Press room - News - EXPAL will build a Center of Excellence in Propulsion Research and Development in Murcia

A 3 M€ investment in southern Europe’s only project of its kind. Propellants –which have a wide variety of applications in both the civil and defence sectors– are materials considered to be of technologically strategic value to the world’s most advanced nations.

EXPAL, MAXAM’s principal defence business unit, will invest over three million euros in order to construct a Center of Excellence in Propulsion Research and Development at the Fuente Alamo (Murcia) Technology Park. These R&D facilities, the first of their kind in southern Europe, will be devoted to developing innovative new applications for this material, including propellants that generate less smoke; nitrocellulose pods; low vulnerability compositions; and rocket motors for missiles and both low and medium range launchers.

Propellants are materials considered to be of great technologically strategic value to the world’s most advanced nations; the materials to be developed at the Center will have both civil and defence-related applications.

EXPAL will invest over 3 M€ in the Center of Excellence for Propellants in order to ensure its status as a highly equipped research facility. Researchers will work together with experts in the field within the Center, where they will conduct development investigations and direct the trial sessions that are required prior to the full production and industrialization of new products. Afterwards, said products will be manufactured in the nearby EXPAL factory in Javalí Viejo.

This project is the result of the collaboration between EXPAL and a great number of different academic centers. As Manuel García-Señudo, EXPAL’s General Manager, points out, “the collaboration with the universities in the region of Murcia provide an added value to our company’s continuing R&D efforts, and we are sure that this partnership will be advantageous for all parties involved; likewise, this project will undoubtedly contribute to an increase in the technological assets of the region”.
EXPAL and MAXAM: leaders in propellant development.

The possibilities for groundbreaking research ensured by the new Center of Excellence will allow for the production of the very latest in high-tech products to meet the demands of a competitive market and consolidate MAXAM and EXPAL, its defence subsidiary, as internationally recognized references in the field. In addition to this, the Center will facilitate EXPAL’s facilities in Murcia evolution into key production points for these materials.

EXPAL’s firm commitment to R&D has allowed it to double its sales in the last four years; 93% of its current sales are to clients abroad.

The Fuente Álamo Technology Park, which employs over 500 specialized workers, is an initiative underwritten by the Regional Government of Murcia, led by the Council for Business, Universities and Research and the INFO within the development framework set by the Science and Technology Plan.

EXPAL is a Spanish company that develops, manufactures and integrates systems and services for the defence and security industry. The company has over six hundred employees and nine production centers located throughout Europe. EXPAL is leading defence business unit of the MAXAM Group.

MAXAM is a service and industrial group that operates on a global scale by developing, manufacturing and commercializing civil explosives and initiation systems for mining, quarries and infrastructures; cartridges, shotgun shells and smokeless powder for hunting and sports use; and products for the defense industry. Likewise, MAXAM is a supplier of key raw materials for nitro chemical activity, generated for the company’s own internal needs as well as for the commercialization to third parties. Finally, as a result of its drive towards innovative, sustainable development, MAXAM offers its clients a wide variety of solutions in the fields of safety and environmental conservation.

Founded by Alfred Nobel in 1872, MAXAM celebrates its 140th birthday in 2012 with a yearly turnover of approximately one billion euros and a presence in all of the major mining areas of the world, with production sites in over 40 countries, an active market presence in more than 100 others, and over 6000 employees spread across five continents.

MAXAM offers a complete range of products and services to the companies and markets where it operates and integrates high tech products of a superior quality and security with the most complete technical advice, contributing in this manner to the continuous improvement of the services given to its clients. The company’s vast international presence, respect for the environment, groundbreaking research and considerable philanthropic efforts demonstrate MAXAM’s status as a leading, active and committed company, engaged with the progress and development of the society and the environment that surrounds it.


This project has been financed by the INNPLANTA 2011 program, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Economy and Competition, with additional underwriting by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), registered according to file numbers: 22-PCT-450000-ACT3 y 22-PCT-450000-ACT2.


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