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MAXAM lays the cornerstone for its facilities in China
MAXAM lays the cornerstone for its facilities in China MAXAM lays the cornerstone for its facilities in China


Press room - News - MAXAM lays the cornerstone for its facilities in China

The company invests 70 M€ in a plant that will produce market-ready explosives and initiation systems for civil use: mining, quarrying and infrastructure construction from 2013.

The project is a joint venture that involves two local partners and the support of the Chinese authorities at a state, regional and municipal level.

Today MAXAM has held the foundation ceremony for what will become the company facilities in China. The company’s site in the town of Lao Qiuyu (Shandong Province) will be focused on the manufacturing and commercialization of civil explosives and initiation systems for the mining, quarrying and infrastructure construction sectors within the Chinese market.
With a production start-date of 2013 and an initial staff of 300 people, MAXAM’s project in Shandong Province comes with an investment of 70 M€ and counts with the support on a state, regional and municipal level, of the Chinese authorities. As a sign of this institutional goodwill, representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the Chinese Government were in attendance at today’s ceremony
José Fernando Sánchez-Junco, Chairman & CEO of MAXAM, considers that “entering China is a step forward in our geographic diversification strategy. The move reflects MAXAM's commitment to innovation and technological development, as well as our goal of offering our customers the most comprehensive range of products and services. This way, we aim to assist them in increasing their value chain and furthering the well-being of the societies in which they are established and operate”.

Speaking of MAXAM’s future strategy in the region, Sánchez-Junco adds, "Our initiative in China is the next step in MAXAM’s drive to consolidate its presence in Asia where, since many years ago, we have already held a strong position in the neighboring states of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Mongolia”.

China’s potential: mining, quarries and infrastructures
China is one of the world’s biggest mining markets and the current scene of some of the most significant activity in the building and infrastructure sectors.

A great variety of mining resources are distributed across China’s territory. The major mining areas are found in the south of Manchuria, the Liadong Peninsula, and the elevated lands of the south.

Amidst the minerals, one of China’s standout resources is coal. Indeed, the Chinese coal reserves are amongst the largest in the world. Along with this mineral, which holds enormous energy potential, China also possesses notable deposits of petroleum –the second largest deposits of which are located within its borders–, natural gas, uranium and plutonium. The “Asian giant” also possesses valuable ferrous metals deposits, with notable quantities of iron, magnesium, vanadium and titanium found within its soil.

Furthermore, China contains the world’s greatest concentration of rare earth metals. Indeed, 80% of these minerals –which are used in a great number of diverse fields, such as pharmaceuticals, chemistry and textile production– are found within the country’s borders.

Due to the high level of activity in the construction field, the quarrying sector has also taken off in the country, and currently maintains an enormous level of production.

With the country’s continued growth, and the potential for major projects and infrastructure expansion that such growth implies, China guarantees the need for construction companies and their suppliers, amongst them, the manufacturers of civil explosives and initiation systems.

MAXAM is a service and industrial group that operates on a global scale by developing, manufacturing and commercializing civil explosives and initiation systems for mining, quarries and infrastructures; cartridges, shotgun shells and smokeless powder for hunting and sports use; and products for the defense industry. Likewise, MAXAM is a supplier of key raw materials for nitro chemical activity, generated for the company’s own internal needs as well as for the commercialization to third parties. Finally, as a result of its drive towards innovative, sustainable development, MAXAM offers its clients a wide variety of solutions in the fields of safety and environmental conservation.

Founded by Alfred Nobel in 1872, MAXAM celebrates its 140th birthday in 2012 with a yearly turnover of approximately one billion euros and a presence in all of the major mining areas of the world, with production sites in over 40 countries, an active market presence in more than 100 others, and over 6000 employees spread across five continents.

MAXAM offers a complete range of products and services to the companies and markets where it operates and integrates high tech products of a superior quality and security with the most complete technical advice, contributing in this manner to the continuous improvement of the services given to its clients. The company’s vast international presence, respect for the environment, groundbreaking research and considerable philanthropic efforts demonstrate MAXAM’s status as a leading, active and committed company, engaged with the progress and development of the society and the environment that surrounds it.


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