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José Fernando Sánchez-Junco, Chairman & CEO of MAXAM, new patron of the Mining and Industry Museum of Asturias (MUMI)
MAXAM Foundation sponsors The House of the Explosives at the MUMI, a space dedicated to showing the birth and evolution of the explosives industry and its role in the mining sector.
"Mining must be understood as a key part of large-scale sustainable development"
The 4th International Meeting on Mining and Metallurgy, organised by CONFEDEM (National Confederation of Mining and Metallurgical Entrepreneurs), was attended by more than 100 representatives of companies, associations and public administrations from Spain and Europe.
European experts gather at MAXAM’s facilities in Galdácano to work on developing new sustainable mining solutions
New technologies designed by members of the SLIM project will enable the mining of mineral deposits that are not currently viable due to their small size and high environmental impact.
Rio Ammunition is awarded FM Global’s HPR (Highly Protected Risk) prize
Top security safety measures in place at its production plant in Marshall (Texas), opened in June 2015.
Rio updates its corporate identity
“Share The Experience”, new tagline to strengthen RIO’s values and market position.
The MAXAM X-COPTER Drone, “Best Idea for the Use of Drones in Civil Engineering” Award Winner
At CivilDRON 2018, Conference organised by the Energy Agency of the Regional Government of Madrid
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